The Dungeon Chronicles

By Daniel J. Lynch

The "Dungeon Chronicles" is a day-in-the-life of your average D&D, pen and paper, RPG. The following text in the links below depict what really happens in a D&D session.

New Jersey, 1987. A group of teenage kids playing a pen & paper RPG.
  • Steve - D.M. & The Bard / ATN
  • Paul - The Barbarian / Fribrand
  • Dan - The Mage / Malchor
  • Dennis - The Cavalier / Torcwick
  • Bernard - The Elf Thief / Mindel
  • Dermot - The Paladin / Aragon II

Shane - The Archer Priest / (Not good for anything ... except maybe comic relief.)
The Domino's Pizza Man - (More important than any character.)
Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lynch who allowed our group to use (abuse) their house and their son's room.
We also would like to give special thanks to Mrs. Lynch for providing the much appreciated milk 'n cookies to our undernourished members.

* Any and all references to individuals are not coincidental and were done purposely.

WARNING!! The following text contains adult language. Sensitive readers be advised.

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