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Goddess' Necklace Walk Through Goddess' Necklace
Artifact Name and Stats:
Goddess' Necklace is a level 45 artifact designed for Fighter and Stealther classes.
  • Level 0: Matter, Body and Spirit resists +3%.
  • Level 1: Strength +9.
  • Level 3: Dexterity +9.
  • Level 5: Constitution +9.
  • Level 7: Bonus to Armor Factor +10.
  • Level 10: Stealth Lore.
Starting NPC and Location:
Four Sisters
The Four Sisters; Nevsa, Inah, Agnah and Unah: Oceanus Hesperos, Coral Sanctuary, /Loc = 57,000 / 33,800

Artifact Guardian and Location:
Dark Devilfish: Oceanus Hesperos, Cave of the Dark Devilfish, /Loc = 51,700 / 55,100

Step 1: Speak with and lead a minimum of 2 sisters, at the same time.
Step 2: Safely lead them to the cave to the south / southwest of the Coral Sanctuary.
Step 3: Once inside, wait for the sisters to ready their spell and click the statue within.
Step 4: Battle the Dark Devilfish.

Dark Devilfish
Strategy and Hints:

Journey to the Coral Sanctuary in the far eastern depths of Oceanus Hesperos. There you will find four merfolk, the sisters Nevsa, Inah, Agnah and Unah. Speaking with any one of them will start the encounter. They all say it slightly differently, but all say the same thing. They know of a treasure stash to the southwest of the Coral Sanctuary and need your help to reach it safely. By accepting this offer, that sister will follow you such as a summoned creature would. You need to lead a minimum of 2 of the sisters into the cave safely to succeed. Continue to click on sisters till you have enough.

Make your way south / southwest down the side of the sea shelf that the Coral Sanctuary resides, through the kelp and around the large rocks. Be warned, many sharks, stingrays and barracudas swim through this plain. Also, beware of miniature stingrays that 'con' gray to a 50th, for they can attack your charges as well as an orange 'con' shark. You may want to familiarize your self with the area between the Coral Sanctuary and the Cave of the Devilfish before you lead the sisters through.

When attacked directly, the sisters will behave erratically. Sometimes they fight their attacker, sometimes they run off. If you peal off their attacker, sometimes you can resume your quest, some times they will wander off, run away from you or ignore you. If they don't die, they will eventually swim back to the Sanctuary. If you or your pet is attacked, they will remain calm. The trick here is to always get the agro first or avoid a fight altogether. DO NOT USE AoE ATTACKS NEAR THE SISTERS, they can be harmed by 'friendly fire' and will attack you as well.

Overgrown Statue

Eventually, you will close in on the shark infested waters that surround, what I call, The Cave of the Devilfish. The cave is little more that a large hollow rock sitting on the ocean floor. The sharks swim a pattern around the cave. If you time it right you can swim past safely, otherwise you can fight a few sharks within the cave safe from 'add' sharks joining in. Avoid the hammerhead sharks, they're the toughest. Within is an Overgrown Statue with the necklace fused to it's neck. The sisters will announce that they are ready to cast the spell to unfuse the necklace from the statue. When you are ready, get close to the statue and click it. When you do, the Dark Devilfish, a large octopus, a yellow to orange 'con' to a 50th, will spawn and attack, chasing off all the sisters you guided within. Kill the Dark Devilfish and complete the encounter.

The Devilfish drops other items of value. Also, the Dark Devilfish is worth Master Level Experience. I've soloed this with my 50th Skald and my 50th Druid several times.

Dianna's Letters drop from various Skyros in Mesothalassa.


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