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03/31/06: NWN: New Flash screen shot viewer on the ScreenShots page.

08/02/05: NWN: New HotU ScreenShots.

07/11/05: COMPLETE WEB SITE OVERHAUL!!! Please excuse the mess while we expand the site.

02/02/05: NWN: Updated Portown to CEP 1.51!!!!

01/26/05: NWN: Updated Portown Hak packs to CEP 1.50 for NWN v.1.65. Portown Haks can be found on the NWN DownLoads page.

05/26/04: NWN: Upgraded Portown Portrait Hak to CEP 1.01. All Haks CEP 1.01 compliant.

05/17/04: NWN: Upgraded Portown Creature Hak to CEP 1.01. Portown Portrait Hak upgrade coming soon.

05/10/04: NWN: Portown upgraded to CEP 1.01! See the CEP main page for more details.

04/23/04: NWN: Updated the Level Up! module. No expansions or Haks needed. Just download and go!

04/04/04: NWN: New screen shots on the NWN ScreenShot page.

03/27/04: NWN: Portown is CEP compliant!! New Haks for Portown. See the NWN DownLoads page for more details.

03/18/04: NWN: BIG CHANGES INSTORE FOR HAK PACKS!!! I plan to use the Community Expansion Pack (CEP) for future updates of Portown. CEP is due for release on 03/24/04. Download this HAK!! Portown may use additional HAKs, they will be smaller size and designed to work with the CEP. Check links page for a link to the official CEP page.

01/01/04: NWN: Updated Portown hak packs. 1.61 compliant/HotU friendly. Still only built with NWN classic and SoU.

11/28/03: NWN: New Hak pack for my Portown Module. New screen shots of Portown.

11/16/03: NWN: New Hak packs for my Portown module.
Updated the Links page. Reworked the Flash Gordon Jr. page.

11/02/03: NWN: New Hak packs for my Portown module.

08/16/03: NWN: New Hak packs for my Portown module.

08/02/03: NWN: New Hak file for Portown on the NWN DownLoads page. New links to Hak packs I "borrowed" from on the Links page. Added 4 new NWN ScreenShots of the newly reskined Darksun Orcs.

06/29/03: NWN: Got SoU and added NWN ScreenShots of chapter 1 from the Sou:OC and from my module. I will be converting all my modules and Hak packs to the full SoU style shortly.

06/07/03: NWN: Added Hak Pack and lots of art links to Links page. Added new ver. of Portown, 0.08 and new Hak Pack for Portown on Downloads page.

05/19/03: NWN: Added more NWN ScreenShots from the White Plume Mountain and Portown modules. Added Level Up module.

05/18/03: NWN: Added a different portrait for Bruster on NWN DownLoads page.

05/16/03: NWN:Added new ver. of Portown. Ver. 0.07.

05/15/03: NWN: Added some NWN ScreenShots from the Portown module taken in the City of Elredd and in Mindel's Alibi, a bar in Portown.

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