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Level Up!!!

This is my "Level Up" module. In the center of the module, there is a lever that adds 1000 exp. points per pull. I have also placed vendors that sell all "stock" items from the tool set. I use it to experiment with different combinations of classes, feats and skills, to see what works and what doesn't.

Download the module "Level Up!!!" here.

Level Up 0.02

Hak Packs
Portown Haks

Portown currently uses the CEP 1.51 and 4 other small haks. There is a link to the CEP page on the Links page if you don't already have it. The others I have made from editing other HAK packs and small inventions of my own.
  • Portown Portrait Hak is made of artwork from various artists. I used the artist's initials to name the portraits if I knew who the artist was.
  • Portown Creature Hak is made of Kyel Twitch's "Blacksun Orcs", Storvik's "Beetles", and two reskins by, well me, ATN "Erythnul Cultists".
  • Portown Anatomy Hak uses some packs and quivers from Darkwoulfe's "Skirts Hak".
  • Portown Shield Hak is made from Bloodmonkey's "Greyhawk Shields" Hak that I have reskined. I added the Cities of Fax and Elredd.

You can download Portown's Haks here.

Portown Portraits Hak 0.06
Portown Creature Hak 0.03
Portown Anatomy Hak 0.02
Portown Shield Hak 0.03

These are some portraits I have found on the web or from other games (BG, IWD) and converted to the NWN Portrait style. The portraits are downloaded in zip files and contain 5 targa (.TGA) files of various sizes. Just download the zip file and extract all 5 targa files into your NWN/Portraits folder in the game, and you can use them or see some one else use them.

I'll be adding the artist's web page to my Links page as I figure out who did what picture.

Last Revised 07/22/05
by ATN