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Fool's Bow Walk Through Fool's Bow
Artifact Name and Stats:
Fool's Bow is a level 50 artifact designed for Archer classes.
  • Level 0: Dexterity +18, Quickness +18.
  • Level 2: Bonus to archery speed +3%.
  • Level 3: Bow ability +5.
  • Level 4: Damage over time.
  • Level 7: Bonus to archery range +3%.
  • Level 9: Bonus to archery damage +3%.
  • Level 10: Siege Lore.
Starting NPC and Location:
Frenzied Harpys: Oceanus Notos, The Argo Pit, above, /Loc = 31,000 / 34,000

Artifact Guardian and Location:
Argos: Oceanus Notos, The Argo Pit, below, /Loc = 31,000 / 34,000

Step 1: Swim to the Argo Pit and see if the Frenzied Harpys circle just above.
Step 2: Swim deep below the waves and hunt the Argo.
Step 3: Continue to hunt them untill you find the right one.

Strategy and Hints:

To the north/east of Desmona's Island and south/west of the Isle of Scyrus, under the waves lies a deep trench filled with octopus known as Argo. Any of the many Argos may have Fool's Bow, you just need to kill the right one. You know the encounter is set up by the circling Frenzied Harpys. They will be circling and swooping down above the Argo Pit, presumably because they also want the bow. If there are no Harpys, there is no Fool's Bow.

I have heard many myths about how to figure out which Argo has the bow, they may have worked in the past but they don't seem to work now. The Argo 'con' yellow to a 50th level and some times call for help. They may also run off in a cloud of ink when they are allmost dead. Having a friend with a range weapon to land the final blow as they bolt off is helpfull. If they do manage to get away, that wounded Argo will not allow you anywhere near it, swimming away. You can pin a wounded Argo up on the shore and shoot it dead, you can also stealth up to it and get 1 or 2 shots off befor it's out of range again. I recomend little use of pets or not useing them while hunting Argo. When a wounded Argo runs off, the pet will follow and agro more Argos.

The tactic I used was to dive down about half way and skirt the rim of the Argo Pit. When I ran out of targets in range in one spot, I moved on. Don't be "fooled" into being drawn down into the center, the Argo will swarm you in numbers. Another possible tactic other than randomly shooting many Argo over a long period of time may include the use of a PB-AoE caster, a FoP healer type and a shield tank. Place all shield tank protects on the caster. Set up in the pit and draw in 6-8 Argo at a time, letting the caster AoE them faster. Where I am aware that this encounter can be completed with a solo 50th, it is very time consuming.

Argos don't realy drop any items of value. I've duoed this with another hunter.

Fool's Bow scrolls drop from various Melos in Mesothalassa.


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