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Aten's Shield Walk Through Aten's Shield
Artifact Name and Stats:
Aten's Shield is a level 41 artifact designed for classes that can use a shield. Some shield classes with a slashing weapon restriction may only receive partial use.
  • Level 0: Bonus to AF +10, Bonus to Dexterity bonus cap +5.
  • Level 1: Bonus to Constitution bonus cap +5.
  • Level 3: Create Item, Golden Trident of Flame.
  • Level 6: Heat, Cold and Energy resists +3%.
  • Level 8: Bonus to melee damage +3%.
  • Level 10: Damage Absorption and Damage Shield.
Starting NPC and Location:

Artifact Guardian and Location:
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest Island: Oceanus Hesperos, /Loc = 9,200 / 56,400

Step 1: Single, right click a Treasure Chest.
Step 2: Look for Aten's Shield or a loot bag on top of the chest or look for monsters to fight.

Strategy and Hints:

The Aten's Shield encounter is strange because there is no single guardian. The entire island protects it. Within one of the many Treasure Chests on the island lies Aten's Shield. To acquire it, all you must do is open the right chest and take it. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

To open a chest you simply need to click on it with your mouse pointer. The safest way to open a chest is to single right click it. Double clicking will produce more and tougher monsters. When anyone attempts to open a chest, one of several things may happen.

  1. Empty: The chest simply vanishes leaving nothing behind.
  2. Nothing: The chest does nothing nor does any loot or monsters appear. DO NOT RECLICK THIS CHEST!! Very purple statues will appear on the next click.
  3. Monsters: Depending on how you clicked it or if some one else before clicked it, several random monsters will appear ranging in strength from gray and neutral to extremely purple and very aggressive.
  4. Loot: A loot bag will appear on the top of the chest. Double left click the bag to take the loot. Do not click the chest, see 2 above.
  5. Aten's Shield: The shield itself will appear lying on the top of the chest. Double left click the shield to take it. Do not click the chest, see 2 above.

Some people are just extremely lucky and get the shield from the first chest they open. I am not one of those people. I highly recommend getting a Gem of Lost Memories and leveling it up to it's Recovery ability. If your not extremely lucky, more than likely you will die a lot in the process of acquiring this artifact.

There are two ways of completing this encounter. One way is to gather a group and send one player out to the chest and kill all the monsters, if any, that spawn. Another, the way I do it, is to go alone to the island, click on a chest, and run to the next before the monsters kill you. You can click about 2-6 chests depending on how close they are and what level you are. Its faster than a group but you die a lot. That's what the Gem of Lost Memories is for. Aten's Shield is another artifact that can really take a long time to get, so pace your self.

Another concern is getting to the island. The entire north shore is infested with very aggressive sharks. If you swim in a large arc to the east or west, I like to the west better, you can avoid the sharks. A friend with a skiff works to.

Non-artifact loot from the chests consists of a single loot gem of value. Some monsters that spawn form chest springing drop scrolls for other artifacts.

Champion's Notes drop from various Skyros in Mesothalassa.


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