As I sit here in my drunken stupor I wonder what it would be like to have it back. As I go through these endless diversions I find myself further and further away from reality. I drink to forget. I wake to up these memories as they scar my brain hoping for a sedative, and the only thing that will help is alcohol.

Stone Meadow and White Plume Mountain dance between my ears, teasing and irritating my mind as subtle visions of incomprehensible shadows that can not be subdued. Your site is not only compelling me to inform myself with more useless knowledge but the action itself is become overwhelming. Put an end to this (Never Winter Night) spew. So I may return to a normal balance of day to day life and basic interaction with my role play. I beg you, this titillation, this peak into a closed door must stop. Please there will not be enough alcohol in the world to stop the change jingling in my mind stop stop stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!