Recently I was beaten. Partly by individuals that felt I was different for enjoying and wanting to be in constant interaction with people of the same likings. I was taken to the woods tar & feathered and flogged several times on me bottom...... Excuse me thrown to the ground and beat about the head and shoulders, no pun intended. I have taken this beating and wore it as a badge of honor for all who are in the same predicament as me. I now know there others like me. So I have began M.P.U.A.V. (MED-EVIL PLAYERS UNITE AGAINST VIOLENCE)

This is a support group for players, role players, D&D enthusiast and anyone who dares to be different.

We need to stand up against these people who continue to persecute us and make our way of living, harder than it needs to be.

All sessions are confidential and free of charge. Donuts and black coffee will be provided. Please join us and put a STOP THE MADNESS!!

Meeting times 9:30 a M W F at the Friars square and Black knight Blvd

Eva St. Mary Lancealot